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A Private Aviation Guide: Top 7 Private Jet Charters in Florida

The private aviation sector is currently recovering from the losses due to the pandemic. Currently, successful businesses are getting back on their feet, which means that as of 2023, the private aviation sector has recovered by leaps and bounds.

Private jet charters are most popular post-pandemic because they are safer, and you are not likely to contract any diseases if you travel privately.

Not only do they help clients travel safely, but they also help clients travel leisurely and without delays. This blog is all about availing the best private jet charters to and from Florida

Private Jet Charters: The Top 7 in Florida

1. flyBitlux

For private passengers availing of a Florida jet, flyBitlux is the top competitor in the market. Bitlux’s selection of aircraft and experienced pilots ensure that your flight to and from Florida is nothing but comfortable. 

FlyBitlux takes a maximum of 4 hours to get back to you with a quoted price. After getting the quoted price, a manager who helps you find the best private flight option for you streamlines the process for you.

In case you have more luggage than what’s allowed on a Bitlux plane, the crew will make sure it reaches your destination in a day. An important thing to note is that arriving fifteen minutes early is your departure time. This helps the cabin crew find and guide you to the jet in time. Bitlux’s crew makes sure the plane is ready for departure before your arrival.

2. Wheels Up

Wheels Up is one of the biggest private aviation companies globally. The company has been up and running since 2013, providing on-demand private Florida jet. This private aviation company uses a membership business model which is becoming increasingly popular. In the first half of 2023, Wheels Up recorded a total of 70,253 hours flown, many hours of which were to and from Florida. It may seem impressive but it is a 17% decrease from the same period in the previous year.

Wheels Up’s decline was due to the financial uncertainty faced by the company. This was attributed to Delta Airlines purchasing 95% of its shares. Though Delta Airlines had to play the hero, Wheels Up is still the largest private jet charter operator as of 2023.

3. Executive Jet Management (EJM)

Executive Jet Management is a top competitor in the field of aircraft management. The NetJets Company is also leading a private Florida jet charter program. EJM houses over 200 aircraft, and half of these are available for charter. In 2023’s first semester, EJM recorded 39,117 flight hours.

Last year, EJM recorded 39,410 flight hours. The decrease is truly marginal, of about 0.75%. EJM is one of the oldest and most credible private jet management service companies globally. A key point of difference between EJM and other companies is that they allocate almost half of their total fleet for charter. This has led to the company being greatly successful this year.

4. Jet Edge

Jet Edge is owned by Vista Global Holdings and is consistent with its rankings, making sure it maintains a top position in the private Florida jet sector. This private aviation provider is known for its safety regulations and is an infamous and credible US private jet operator with a perfect safety record. However, Vista Global Holdings can often make passengers switch flights across other charters under their name.

Jet Edge recorded a total of 29,011 flying hours in the first two quarters of 2023. This is a 52% increase from 2022 and is attributed to operational hours varying across operators under Vista Global Holdings.

5. Solarius Aviation

Solarius Aviation is a private Florida jet services company. Solarius Aviation’s work usually surrounds efficient, safe, and reliable management and operation of private aircraft. The company has a huge fleet of over 320 aircraft, spread out over 75 base locations in the US alone, making it easily one of the largest aircraft management companies nationwide.

Solarius not only charters private Florida jet services but also helps the third-party owners manage their private jets. In the first two quarters of 2023, Solarius recorded a total of 26,265 hours of flying. This is a slight decrease from 2022, 0.65% when Solarius recorded 26,437 flying hours.

6. Jet Linx

Jet Linx is one of the oldest aircraft private jet charters on this list, as it was established in 1999. It has gained a fleet of over a 100 aircraft over the decades, and similar to Wheels Up it offers members a Jet Card. This allows members to access Light Jets, Medium-Sized Jets, Super Midsize Jets, and Heavy Jets. Jet Linx is home to over 1,700 members, a lot of which are located in Florida.

They provide aircraft management services, Jet Linx provides all the necessary services including pilots, insurance, maintenance, and fuel. The only downside is that the Jet Linx recorded a significant 19% decrease compared to flying hours between January and June of 2022, a total of 15,773 flying hours in 2023 in the first six months.

7. Corporate Flight Management

Contour Aviation or Corporate Flight Management is a Tennessee-based private jet charter that helps people from Florida travel to the South, since 1982. Corporate Flight Management, or Contour Aviation also home to a full-service Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) repair station.

Contour Airlines provides light jets and 30-seat mid-size jets. Contour Airlines is greatly successful, with a 25% increase in flying hours compared to last year. Contour Airlines recorded 11,967 flying hours in the first two quarters of 2023.

The Bottom Line: Private Florida Jets are the Pinnacle of Comfort

Whichever Florida jet you choose,  private jets are going to give you a leisurely travel experience. Private aviation allows businessmen as well as  travelers to truly enjoy their time in the air. We hope you enjoyed this blog on the top 7 private jet charter companies in Florida, and safe travels!

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