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Cox Internet – Best Deals For Students In 2023


“Internet can even help us in studies”, If I had used the same sentence 10 years back, no one would have believed me because no one thought Internet would be such useful thing in the upcoming years.

The evolution of Internet has a significant role in shaping our lives, the way we live, the way we talk and the way we dress.

Internet was not that useful as it has become now because in 2020, when the entire world saw Covid 19 and the way it grew was nothing but terrifying.

The whole world shat down and offices and studies went online. Even in that hard times, Cox Internet was and is still the finest when we compare to other broadband networks.

Cox is always a network who provides varieties to the consumers so that they can take maximum advantage and can choose the perfect plan for their house.

What should be the perfect deal for students?

Students can customize their package or can choose amongst the existing tiers as Cox has bundles to offer to their consumers, depending upon the usage.

Go Fast

The first plan is for those students who only wants to use Google or any other informative platform to gather information and can chat with their friends as this package comes with a good 100mbps of download speed.

Go Faster

Go Faster is the plan that is pretty suitable for the students who want to watch lectures and informative videos on YouTube or may be on any other platform as this package comes with amazing 250 mb per second of download so that you can have your studies hassle free.

Even Faster

If you want to attend your zoom meetings or want to attend your class, what would you do? Because your local internet service provider won’t give you a constant speed and for that you will surely need a Cox Go Even Faster as the package comes with fiery 500mb per second of download, this package would be the perfect choice for any student.

Super Fast

Now if you are tired of studying and want some monster internet because you want to watch your favorite TV Shows on Netflix or if you want to watch any standup comedian on OTT platforms to release your mind, then the package would be monstrous for you as it comes with ultra fast speed of around 1gb per second.

Beyond Fast

If you are a student and a gamer too, how about I say you can play unlimited games in this package and can call your friends at home and enjoy multiplayer in 4k, sounds fun right?

All you can do in this plan because it gives you terrific 2gbps of download speed but only if you are lucky because the plan is still not available in most parts of the US.

What makes Cox a better choice for students?

Cox Communication has some key factors that will surely make you their user forever like


The most important thing for any new user would be the speed. Speed is the factor where Cox remains on top as they provide one of the best speedy internets around the state. Doesn’t matter if you are a high-end gamer or just a social media freak. Cox is surely going to entertain you.

Customer Support

Another point where Cox takes a bit lead is the customer support system. Many broadband networks promise to give after sales service but somehow fails to deliver where as Cox Communication keeps its promise and provide 24/7 availability for the consumers so that they can have hassle free installation or if they are having any technical difficulties, Cox Customer Support is always there.


If you are a Cox user, you should know the importance of having a reliable internet service provider but if you are currently using any local home internet, then what you should do is change your connection and be a Cox member because Cox has proved to be one of the most trusted internet service providers and it would not be wrong if I say they have proved to be one of the best in the market. Its time to build your future with Cox.

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