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Different Ways EB5 Regional Centers Make Money

An EB5 regional center can facilitate foreign investments to benefit the United States economy. These centers help EB5 investors apply for the program by assisting them with documentation and managing their investments.

Regional centers offer many benefits to investors and make their money through various sources. This can include charging administrative and rental fees and receiving interest on their investments.

How EB5 Regional Centers Make Money

Regional centers are business entities that require capital to run their operations efficiently. These centers are approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) organization to help protect investors. Here is more information about some of the ways regional centers can make money:

Administrative Fees

One of the primary sources of revenue for an EB5 regional center is the administrative fees charged to investors. Regional centers help individual investors through each step of the application process, so they charge administrative fees.

These fees help cover the regional center’s overhead costs. They also compensate for the center’s services. These services include processing investor applications, legal services, and conducting due diligence on potential projects.


EB5 regional centers can invest in projects and make money on the interest. Regional centers can also make money on the difference between the investor’s promised return rate and the rate at which they must place investor funds into a project.

Not every regional center invests its own funds in projects, and investors should not assume that the regional center is investing in the project alongside them. Any EB5 investments made by the investor or the regional center are at risk, just as investments are with any other project or business.

Rental Fees

Project developers sometimes rent regional centers. This allows project developers to use foreign investors to fund their projects without spending the time and money establishing their own regional center with the USCIS.

Regional centers can charge a fixed fee or demand a percentage of the project’s profits for renting their center. This fee is determined by the specific regional center and the scope of the developer’s project.

Benefits of Investing in a Regional Center

To receive a permanent green card through the EB5 Visa Program, the investor must meet two requirements: they must meet the minimum investment amount, and their investment must create or preserve ten full-time jobs in the United States.

The minimum investment amount is $1,050,000. If the investment is made in a targeted employment area, the amount is reduced to $800,000. Regional centers are beneficial for investors in the following ways:

  • Regional centers make it easier to meet the job creation requirement. This is because direct, indirect, and induced jobs count towards the investors’ total. With direct investments, only direct jobs count towards the job creation requirements.
  • Investing in a regional center can reduce an investor’s risk. Regional centers can pool investments from multiple investors, which spreads the risk. They can also afford to invest in larger projects that create more jobs because they can access more capital.
  • Regional centers offer many resources to help investors through the EB5 program. They can help make sure investors fill out their applications and petitions correctly to receive conditional green cards. They also manage their investments throughout the EB5 process.

Invest Through an EB5 Regional Center

An EB5 regional center can make it easier for an investor to get a green card. They do this by offering various project options and making it easier to meet the job creation requirements.

To manage their overhead costs and earn money from their services, the centers charge administrative fees for helping investors through the EB5 Visa Program. They can also earn interest on their investments and charge fees to project developers who rent their regional center.

This financial versatility helps regional centers sustain their operations, contribute to job creation, and support economic development in the United States. Contact a regional center today to learn more about how they can help EB5 Visa Program investors.

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